Short stories vs. novels—which is better? (guest post)

My friend Amy of The Writer's Refuge wrote this post on the differences between writing a short story and a novel. She answers questions as well as shares some of her own experiences writing both. I hope you enjoy! At the beginning of my writing journey four years ago, I struggled with my creative identity. I… Continue reading Short stories vs. novels—which is better? (guest post)


Inktober: writer’s edition

It still astonishes me that summer is over. Even though we're now well into the fall, I'm not used to having to remember to grab my jacket and brace myself for the chilly air. I'm not used to the dark and having to turn the lights on before dinner. Summer suddenly seems like it was… Continue reading Inktober: writer’s edition


Social media + addiction

I recently saw a friend on Facebook post that they were taking a break from social media. I wish I could do that, I thought enviously. It wasn't until a few days later that I realized how simultaneously ridiculous and alarming that thought of mine was. Of course I could take a break from social media… Continue reading Social media + addiction


Magic for Marigold = mixed feelings

I recently (and finally) finished reading a lesser-known book by the Anne of Green Gables author, L.M. Montgomery. Since sixth grade, I've probably read (and re-read) at least 18 of her books, including the Emily trilogy and Anne series I was named after. Magic for Marigold had been on my to-read list for about ten years (wow,… Continue reading Magic for Marigold = mixed feelings


Reading again: Since You’ve Been Gone

You might remember that in a recent post, I was struggling with being stuck in a summer reading slump. It wasn't that I was reading anything uninteresting -- I was actually working my way through some really great books. But for some reason, I just couldn't get on a regular reading schedule, and the thought of… Continue reading Reading again: Since You’ve Been Gone