It’s a process

First of all, yes, I updated my blog’s theme. I felt like I needed a change, and I wasn’t in the mood to chop my hair or get something pierced.

Secondly, I’ve been struggling lately with knowing how much to share on this blog. I don’t think that a blog should necessarily be a journal or a place where you rant and process through personal stuff. But at the same time, I often fall into the trap of waiting until my life is more “put together” before I share things. If I truly think about it, though, when will I ever have my life put together? I think I’ve been using that as an excuse not to write, thinking that once I have this issue sorted through or once I’m recovered from that I can share all my wisdom and knowledge with the world.


So here’s an honest look at where I’m at.

A month into my new full-time copywriting job. About to move for the second time this year. Slowly regaining my mental health after months of antidepressants causing me more harm than good. Still trying to learn how to introvert. Attempting to be healthier without letting it be driven by insecurities and obsessions. Writing a novel for the first time since high school. Struggling with comparison every time I open Instagram or Facebook. And so often, wondering if my life will turn out the way I hope.

It’s all a process. I’m learning that I’ll never feel ready to write or share anything. There will always be another problem in my life to fix, another conflict to resolve, another flaw I want to hide. But sometimes, you just gotta push forward, write through the mess, and decide that you’re going to enjoy the season you’re in—imperfections and all.





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