Summer reading slump

palm tree

My peak reading season has always been summer. Whether on the beach, in the pool, or just sitting in my backyard, it was a great chance for me to get outside. It was also the only time of year where I wasn’t reading textbooks, novels, or short stories for any classes, so I enjoyed the freedom of picking up whatever I wanted. Last summer, though, this changed. I was interning at a magazine publication where I had to read numerous articles per day. I was depressed, recovering from a hectic semester, and dealing with a lot of transitions. And I just didn’t feel like reading. In fact, I think I only read a grand total of two books that whole summer.

This is exactly where I’m finding myself now, mid-summer, a year later. I’m bored of the 5+ books I’ve been paging through for months. I’d rather hang out with friends or zone out to YouTube after work than sitting down with a book. Sometimes, the only thing I want is to stay both stimulated and numbed. And when I do read, I find myself skimming and barely absorbing anything. It’s become more about checking as many books off the list as possible rather than letting myself enjoy them.

So I want to hear from you! What are some ways that you’ve beaten the “summer reading slump” when you just don’t feel like reading? And what are some ways that you’ve let yourself enjoy a book instead of skimming through it in order to check it off the list?



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