So I’m writing a novel

And I’m terrified.

It’s even scary to “go public” with this statement. It almost feels similar to having your relationship go “Facebook official.” Are people gonna ask questions? Are people gonna be expecting this to go somewhere? Or will they scoff and think this will never work?


I haven’t attempted to write anything longer than a short story since high school. And while writing a novel is basically all I’ve ever wanted to do, it intimidates me. I can’t count how many times I’ve started a story and never finished it. I can’t tell you how often I’ve had a flicker of inspiration and convinced myself that maybe this will be the one only to scrap it a month later. I want to do my ideas justice, but many times, I put so much pressure on myself that I become paralyzed (which basically sums up most of my creative writing in college).

So what does one do in this situation? Breathe. Buy a new writing software. Create a playlist specific to your story. Jot down notes throughout the day when something comes to you. And above all, if you really want this to work, be flexible. I’m already accepting that I will likely have to make plenty of big changes as this project goes along, especially since the premise came from a dream and many of the details were fuzzy (or just flat-out made no sense).

But here’s to trying, and here’s to seeing where this thing will go.




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