Why journal?

The other day, I stopped by the university I graduated from to briefly meet up with someone. The café was completely empty since it wasn’t orientation week yet, and as I sat surrounded by all of the tables and chairs, I suddenly felt flooded with memories of the past four years—like the time I met up there with my soon-to-be freshman roommates as we discussed our college hopes and dreams. Or the time when a guy kindly asked me how I was doing, and I blurted out “stressed!” while throwing my sandwich onto the checkout counter (oops). I started writing down these memories as they came to me, and I realized that the more I wrote, the more I remembered and the more mixed emotions came to me that I still needed to process.


I’ve gone through periods of time where it feels like my brain can’t keep up with my life. I’m just coming out of one of these seasons right now, and I think writing is something that has really helped. If you don’t know me, I’m a big believer in journaling. I wrote a post about travel journaling earlier this year, which is something that has helped me fully process trips I’ve taken. But I think it’s also important to journal without a set purpose in mind too. A lot of times, I’ll start writing and eventually get at what I need to work through or spill my brain about–whether it’s a memory, a situation, a struggle, or even just a single thought.

I’m going to start an ongoing blog series of sorts titled “Journaling for…” (anxiety, depression, transitions, etc.). This isn’t going to be a weekly thing or anything—just something I’ll incorporate into my usual writing.

Let me know how journaling has helped you in the past! Maybe it’ll inspire some of these posts.


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