Inktober: writer’s edition

It still astonishes me that summer is over. Even though we’re now well into the fall, I’m not used to having to remember to grab my jacket and brace myself for the chilly air. I’m not used to the dark and having to turn the lights on before dinner. Summer suddenly seems like it was so long ago, and that’s been putting me in a weird, depressive state of mind lately.

But aside from all the dreary days we’ve been having here, October has given me a fun chance to build some more creative writing into my routine. One of my friends suggested to our group of writer/English graduate friends that we all participate in Inktober—except with writing instead of drawing. If you don’t know what Inktober is, it’s a set of 31 one-word drawing prompts (one for each day of the month) that you use as inspiration for one ink drawing a day. We’re using the prompts, though, for writing things such as poetry, flash fiction, or even just a paragraph of musings on the word. I also happen to be writing everything down (in ink) before typing it up into our shared document—you know, just to make sure it counts.

Here is the official list of 2018 Inktober prompts from Jake Parker (the creator of the challenge).


This is kind of the first time I’ve ever done one of these monthly challenges, and so far, it’s been fun. It’s helped me to think outside the box and pushed me to free write more (versus knowing exactly where I’m going with an idea). I just hope I can keep up with it!

Are any of you participating in Inktober this year? I’d love to hear what you’re doing and how it’s been going so far!


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